tropical fruit trees

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Our staff is knowledgeable in tropical plant culture and our plants are inspected for shock tolerance and pest resistance before they are brought back to our nursery where they are nurtured until they are ready for sale.

Tropical fruit trees

Mango Pineapple Tree

The mango pineapple tree is an exotic fruit tree native to the Caribbean that grows in tropical and subtropical climates. It produces small, green fruits that are sweet, juicy and slightly tart.

List of Tropical Fruit Trees

Pineapple mango tree for sale

Mango Pineapple Tree
Quenepa tree

Quenepa Tree or Spanish lime TREE

Quenepa or Spanish lime tree has been around for centuries and it has been cultivated for its fruit, leaves, and wood. The leaves are used to make tea and are also used in cooking as a flavoring agent. The wood is used as fuel for fires, furniture, and construction materials.

Quenepa tree for sale

Quenepas tree growing zone

USDA strength zones: 9-12. Youthful trees are strong just to 32°F. Cold strength continuously ages gracefully, and extremely old trees might endure 20°F

rambutan fruit TREE

The rombután fruit is a round and sweet fruit with a very hard exterior. It is the fruit of the rombutan tree, which grows in the rainforest areas of Southeast Asia. The rombutan that’s often picked by locals in their region and eaten fresh, is made into jam, preserves or other cosmetic products.

Tropical Fruit Trees

Rambutan fruit tree for sale

Rambutan fruit tree
grosella tree

grosella tree

Is a large, deciduous, shade-loving tree that grows in the subtropical and tropical regions of Africa. They are also known as the “Tree of Life” because they provide food, shelter, and medicine to many people around the world. Tropical Fruit Trees

Grosella tree for sale

Start a Tropical Fruit Tree Garden from Scratch

The best way to start a fruit tree garden from scratch is to purchase a fruit tree at the local nursery or online. If you cannot find a fruit tree at the local nursery, you can purchase one online. You will need to make sure that the plant is grafted onto a rootstock that is suitable for your area before planting it in your garden.

If you are starting from seed, it will take about three years for the trees to reach maturity and start producing fruit. You should plan on spending time and effort into planting, caring for, and harvesting fruits over this period of time.

You should also consider purchasing some fruits as well as plants if you don’t have any space in your yard or if you want to grow fruits that are not native to your area.

What do you need to grow a Tropical fruit tree?

A fruit tree requires a number of things to grow and thrive. First, they need an area with plenty of sunlight and soil. The soil should be well-drained, so that the plant can water easily. They also need a place to grow in the garden or yard, as well as protection from pests or other plants.

The first step is preparing the ground for planting your tree. This includes digging up the soil around the tree’s roots, removing any rocks or debris from the area, and mixing in compost and fertilizer to help promote growth. Next, you’ll need to lay down a thick layer of organic mulch on top of the soil to provide insulation for your tree’s roots. Finally, you’ll need to water your plant regularly so that it will have enough water for its fruits.

Tropical fruit trees in Florida

Some tropical fruit trees that can be found in Florida include mango, papaya, avocado, pineapple, and dragon fruit. Florida is known for its tropical fruits due to the warm climate and diverse landscapes.

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