Grafted “Osteen” Mango tropical Big fruit tree 3′-4′ feet tall

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The Osteen mango tree is a medium to large-sized evergreen tree that can reach heights of 30 to 45 feet at maturity. It has a dense, rounded canopy of dark green foliage that provides ample shade. The leaves are oblong or elliptical, with a glossy texture and a deep green color. The tree produces panicles of small, fragrant flowers, which later develop into fruits.

**Interesting Fact:**
One interesting fact about the Osteen mango is its resistance to certain diseases, including anthracnose, a fungal disease that can affect mango trees in humid climates. This disease resistance contributes to the reliability and productivity of Osteen mango trees in commercial orchards.

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Description: The Osteen mango is a popular cultivar known for its excellent flavor, productivity, and disease resistance. This mango variety is highly regarded among mango enthusiasts for its sweet and juicy fruits, making it a favorite in both commercial orchards and home gardens.


The Osteen mango fruits are medium to large in size, typically weighing between 10 to 24 ounces each. They have an oval to oblong shape with a smooth, yellow skin that may develop a red blush on the sun-exposed side as it ripens. The flesh is juicy, aromatic, and fiberless, with a vibrant orange-yellow color. Osteen mangoes are renowned for their exceptionally sweet and rich flavor, often described as having hints of citrus and peach notes.

Osteen mango trees thrive in tropical and subtropical climates with warm temperatures and plenty of sunlight. They prefer well-drained soil with good organic content and regular watering, especially during dry periods and when the fruits are developing. The trees are relatively low-maintenance once established but may benefit from occasional fertilization and pruning to promote healthy growth and fruit production.

Propagation of Osteen mango trees is primarily done through grafting onto rootstocks of suitable mango varieties. This method ensures that the new trees inherit the desired characteristics, such as fruit quality, flavor, and disease resistance. Grafted Osteen mango trees are available from nurseries and garden centers, providing reliable performance and consistent fruit quality.

The fruits of the Osteen mango tree are typically enjoyed fresh, sliced, or used in various culinary applications, including smoothies, salads, salsas, and desserts. They are also popular for canning and preserving due to their excellent flavor and texture. Osteen mangoes ripen from mid-season to late-season, offering a prolonged harvest period for mango enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the Osteen mango is a prized cultivar known for its superb flavor, productivity, and disease resistance. Whether grown in commercial orchards or home gardens, this mango variety delights with its sweet, juicy fruits and adds tropical flair to culinary creations. Consider adding an Osteen mango tree to your garden for a steady supply of delicious mangoes season after season.

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