Plantain (Musa × paradisiaca ) fruit tree living seedling


Green plantains are consumed regularly in many places in Latin America and can be prepared in different ways: boiled, cooked or fried, and can be taken both as appetizers and as a garnish in various dishes.
1. Contribute to cardiovascular health
Within a balanced diet, the consumption of green plantain is beneficial for health. Not only because it is a food of plant origin, a source of carbohydrates and various nutrients, but above all because of its potassium content. They support the health of the muscular system
Just as potassium is a very important substance for the health of the cardiovascular system, it is also important for the muscular system, since it participates in various chemical reactions They provide vitamin B6



It stands out for being a fruit with a high content of carbohydrates, which provide quality energy for the body.

It is a food that stands out for its high content of fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C and folic acid in the form of beta carotenes. But, beyond its rich flavor, there are medicinal reasons to consume green banana that we show you below:

Green plantain contain vitamin B6, which helps maintain normal neurological function, keep blood sugar at normal levels, produce hemoglobin, break down proteins, and produce antibodies. Processes that, in short, are essential for the good health of the body. They help maintain intestinal transit
Although green plantain are more difficult to digest than ripe ones, their consumption within a balanced diet can help maintain a good intestinal transit. They provide inulin
According to the experts from the FEN, green bananas contain inulin and other fructooligosaccharides that are indigestible by intestinal enzymes, which reach the final tract of the intestine and have beneficial effects on intestinal transit.

1. Improves cardiovascular health

One of the great qualities of green plantain is found in their extraordinary contribution of potassium, which is essential to control high levels of blood pressure. At the same time, this benefits the functioning of the cardiovascular system, in such a way that heart attacks and strokes are prevented.

2. Benefits the muscular apparatus

The outstanding potassium content of green is also a great ally of all muscular functioning, its mineral richness intervenes in various chemical reactions such as muscle contraction, muscle synthesis and membrane permeability. The body needs potassium to prevent complications such as muscle weakness, cramps, neuromuscular disorders, hypotension and tachycardias.

3. Regulate intestinal transit

One of the great qualities of consuming green plantain is found in its ability to regulate and improve intestinal transit, this is due to its starch and carbohydrate content. They are a good food for the recovery of diarrhea and dehydration; They also stand out for being a food that contains inulin that stands out for its great benefits on intestinal transit.

4. Optimize neurological function

Green plantain contain high levels of vitamin B6, which is essential to maintain normal neurological functions, they are also a good ally to keep blood sugar levels stable, intervenes in the production of hemoglobin and breaks down proteins, in order to produce antibodies.

5. They are good for weight loss and provide satiety

Its contribution in dietary fiber and starches provides a good feeling of satiety that positively intervenes in weight loss, prevents cravings and overeating. At the same time, green bananas are the best option for those who want to lose weight, this is due to their lower contribution in sugars.

6. They provide quality energy

Green plantain are an ideal food to provide good energy levels to the body, consuming one at the beginning of the day helps to improve physical and mental performance, they are also good for the consumption of athletes and sportsmen.

7. Digestive health Fiber is especially important because it promotes intestinal regularity. Fiber softens stools and increases their size and weight. Bulky stools are much easier to pass and therefore prevent constipation.

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