eucalyptus ( eucaliptos) medicinal live plant 1′-2′ tall


For medicinal uses, the fresh leaves are used to make eucalyptus essential oil and for inhalations, and the dried ones for infusions.

– Its essence is a common ingredient in any product to relieve cold and flu symptoms.
– It is used as a disinfectant and antiseptic to treat various viral processes, respiratory conditions (cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma …) and skin infections.
– It is an excellent decongestant for the bronchi and lungs, and an effective expectorant
– The diluted essential oil is applied as a liniment for the chest and paranasal sinuses (in case of sinusitis).
– It is part of ointments against gout and rheumatism, because it acts on the joints as an anti-inflammatory reducing pain.
– It is effective in mouthwashes in case of stomatitis (inflamed gums) and to disinfect wounds.
– The most frequent use is inhalations. To do this, several chopped leaves are placed in a container of boiling water. He puts his head on top and covers himself completely with a towel to inhale the steam. To the container you can add a little rosemary, oregano, mint, lavender or hyssop, to enhance its effects.
– Taken as an infusion, eucalyptus leaves inhibit the formation of mucus in the bronchi. All kinds of respiratory infections can also be treated by gargling with the infusion.
– To make eucalyptus tea, pour ¼ liter of boiling water over three tablespoons of leaves. Let stand 15 minutes, strain and sip.



Native to Australia, this large tree grows rapidly in all temperate regions of the planet. Precisely for this reason, it was introduced in Spain in order to dry out swampy areas, since its roots absorb a lot of water from the ground. The use of eucalyptus as a medicinal plant is recommended for those diseases that affect the respiratory tract such as flu, asthma or colds. Discover its properties. Relieves colds and respiratory conditions
Use as an antiseptic and disinfectant against viral processes
Helps to decongest the lungs
Helps fight rheumatism
Effective in mouthwashes
Allows wound disinfection
Stimulates the functioning of the immune system
All these benefits that it gives us come from the medicinal properties that it has and that make it so special and useful. Some of them are:

Pain relieving
At present, they are distributed throughout much of the world and, due to their rapid growth, they are frequently used in forest plantations for the paper, wood or chemical industry, in addition to their ornamental value.

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