Pitanga (Eugenia uniflora) Surinam cherry Tropical Live Fruit Tree

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The exotic beauty and tangy delights of the Pitanga Tree (Eugenia uniflora). This remarkable tree not only adds a touch of tropical elegance to your garden but also provides a harvest of delicious and tangy Pitanga fruits that will invigorate your taste buds and transport you to a sun-kissed paradise.



The Pitanga Tree, also known as Surinam Cherry or Brazilian Cherry, is a small to medium-sized evergreen tree with glossy leaves and a dense, bushy canopy. It typically reaches a height of 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters), making it a versatile addition to any landscape or orchard.

Caring for your Pitanga Tree is relatively straightforward, allowing you to enjoy its remarkable fruits. Here are some essential tips to ensure its successful growth:

Planting: Choose a sunny to partially shaded location in your garden with well-draining soil. Pitanga Trees thrive in full sun exposure, which helps promote optimal fruit production. Dig a hole that is wide and deep enough to accommodate the root ball. Gently place the tree in the hole, ensuring it is positioned upright, and backfill with soil. Water the tree thoroughly after planting.
Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry periods or when the tree is young and establishing its root system. Regularly water your Pitanga Tree, ensuring it receives sufficient hydration. However, avoid overwatering, as excessive moisture can lead to waterlogged soil and root rot. Allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings.
Pruning: Prune your Pitanga Tree to maintain its shape, remove any dead or diseased branches, and promote proper airflow. Pruning also helps manage the tree’s size and enhances its overall appearance. Pitanga Trees have a naturally attractive form, but selective pruning can help shape them if desired.
Fertilization: Feed your Pitanga Tree with a balanced fertilizer formulated for fruit trees. Apply the fertilizer according to the manufacturer’s instructions during the growing season to provide essential nutrients for healthy growth and optimal fruit production.
Interesting Fact:
The Pitanga fruit is a true tropical delight, prized for its vibrant color and tangy flavor. The fruit is small and round, with a thin, smooth skin that can range in color from bright orange to deep red. The flesh of the Pitanga is juicy and tart, with a flavor that combines notes of cherries, apricots, and citrus. It is often enjoyed fresh, used in jams, jellies, or made into refreshing beverages like juices or sorbets.

Invite the exotic beauty and tangy delights of the Pitanga Tree into your garden. With its glossy leaves, bushy canopy, and the promise of delicious and tangy Pitanga fruits, this tree will become a cherished centerpiece in your outdoor oasis.

Please note: The listing is for one Pitanga Tree (Eugenia uniflora) sapling. The tree will be carefully packaged to ensure safe delivery. Check with your local agricultural authorities regarding the suitability and regulations for growing Pitanga Trees in your area. Indulge in the tropical flavors and exotic charm of the Pitanga Tree in your own backyard!

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