GRAFTED Mango Ñam Doc Mai Fruit Tree
GRAFTED Mango Ñam Doc Mai Fruit Tree 2’-3’

GRAFTED Mango Ñam Doc Mai Fruit Tree 2’-3’


Its skin is green-yellow when ripe. The pulp is yellow and without fiber. Its flavor is very very sweet and aromatic. Its ripening and harvest time occurs in October / November.

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Grafting in mango cultivation consists of the selection of plants with characteristic patterns showing conditions of vigor, adaptation and fruit yield, according to the environmental conditions that make up the region, with the aim of giving a better productive response to the crops and obtaining higher profits.

The technology must go through a complex process, in which, from different types of stem and bud grafting —including the necessary care, materials and instruments—, techniques are carried out that allow obtaining beneficial results in cultivars. selected and the use of the resources intervened.

The implementation of the method allows the development of the capacities of technicians and producers regarding agronomic improvement, attention to plant health and food safety in mango production systems, in addition to representing a high impact for organic agriculture and the economy both regional and national.


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