Fig ( Ficus carica ) tropical live plant


Ficus carica has been used for human consumption for years because of its sweet taste and grainy texture. It is a flowering plant native to Mediterranean or countries with warm-temperate climate. The leaves and fruit are of importance medicinally and cosmetically. The fruit is full of fibers and vitamins, so it is consumed worldwide for its beneficial effect on the body. Their active constituents are sugars, alkaloids, saponins, gum, resin, polyphenols, anthocyanins, flavonoids, omega fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, and B6, C.


Fig also contains an important enzyme ficin, which is similar to papain the enzyme present in papaya. The extract is yellow to light yellow liquid. Use & Benefits:
As it appears, the fig is rich in beneficial constituents; topical and internal use makes it highly valuable to help skin improve inside out. It is rich in antioxidants, which not only does not allow the harmful effects of oxygen to happen but also, they fight free radicals. The oxidation reactions are such that they change either the appearance of the product or can totally render product ineffective. When a product has a fig fruit extract in it, the stability of the product increases significantly. The free radicals also damage our skin in many ways as a result, dull or prematurely aged skin starts showing up. So, when the extract is applied topically, it not only prevents but heals the free radicals damaged the skin. The microbes are another factor which can bring problems like acne to body odor. Fig extract has antimicrobial property so, it can sooth the skin and heal the acne-prone skin as well. It has lots of sugar and polysaccharides as constituents. So, it acts as a moisture reservoir for the skin. It can draw moisture for skin and doesn’t let it dry. Ficin, the enzyme is also a good exfoliant, meaning it loosens the dead skin cell layers and helps the bottom newer skin cell layer show up. Thus, it brings back even skin tone and uniform looking skin. The extract is used in body care, skin care, and hair care products. Also, it is used in antiaging preparation like serum, toner, day, and night creams. Applications: Coughs, colds, nosebleeds, removal of warts, calluses and calluses. Use: In cooked fig juice orally and application of fig milk by skin.
Deciduous tree of the Moraceae family up to 4 m. tall, wide canopy and low height, between 5 and almost 10 meters high.
Smooth stems with gray bark.
Alternate leaves, palmatolobed with 3 to 5 rounded lobes, rough to the touch on the upper side and pubescent on the underside.

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