False Shamrock ( Oxalis Triangularis ) Ornamental Live Plant
False Shamrock
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False Shamrock ( Oxalis Triangularis ) Ornamental Live Plant 10”-20”


These plants are annual or perennial. The leaves are divided into three to ten or more obovate and top notched leaflets, arranged in a palm shape with all leaflets approximately the same size. Some species exhibit rapid changes in leaf angle in response to temporarily high light intensity to decrease photoinhibition. Many of the species are known as wood sorbet (sometimes spelled “wood sorbet” or “wood sorbet”) as they have a sour taste reminiscent of sorrel proper (Rumex acetosa), which is only distantly related . Some species are called yellow sorrel or pink sorrel because of the color of their flowers. Other species are known colloquially as false clovers, and some are called bitter grass. For the genus as a whole, the term oxalises is also used. The tip of the wild species is green, but purple cultivars have been selected for horticulture.


The five dense hair sepals are 5 to 5.5 mm long, narrow and slightly reddish on top.

The five white petals are about 2 inches long and oblong-lanceolate. The color of the petal varies from white to pink, red or yellow. Light: Keep your Oxalis Triangularis in bright to medium filtered light but away from direct light. Grows well in morning light (ie East window). It is quite difficult to burn as Oxalis grows outdoors, the glass in your windows will filter much of the light intensity, however it will grow best when out of direct sunlight. Take a look at some of the images at the end of this article for lighting suggestions.
Water: Allow the soil to dry out between waterings, make sure the top 2 cm of the soil is dry before watering. The worst thing you can do with light bulbs is on water, as it will rot. Expect to water about once every 2 weeks.
Soil – A well-draining potting mix works well. Use a standard premium indoor potting mix. Oxalis will NOT grow well in overly moist soil, but it does like moist soil. Make sure your pot has a drainage hole.
Temperature: Standard indoor temperatures are fine. The ideal temperature is around 60-70 ° F (15-21 ° C). Temperatures above 75 ° F / 24 ° C become problematic. At high temperatures, the Oxalis will start to look “tired” and can go dormant and drop all of its leaves.
Fertilizer: I don’t find fertilizer needed on new plants, but I could add it every 2 months if the soil is more than a year old. Premium potting mixes generally contain slow-release fertilizers for at least 4 months.

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