Breadfruit Artocarpus camansi

Breadfruit (Artocarpus camansi )tropical live fruit tree 12”-24”


its large fruits that are a staple food of the South Pacific and other tropical areas. Breadfruit contains considerable amounts of starch and is seldom eaten raw. It may be roasted, baked, boiled, fried, or dried and ground into flour.

Common names: árbol de pan, fruta de pan, pan, panapen, ulu breadfruit.

The plants are fully grown, their leaves, their strong stem and roots are in excellent condition. Even some types of plants you can see even flowers to get fruit ONLY GRAFTED TREES also we have available for sale. Our plants are certified healthy and pest free. inspected by Department of Agriculture of the United States of America are inspected and released.

Health benefits:

Breadfruit for Kidney Failure It is good to eliminate kidney stones that the kidney may have, for people with kidney failure.
This tree has diuretic properties for the kidney which makes it work much better, it must be taken regularly so that the kidney maintains its normal process.
Control cholesterol levels, Good for the heart, capabilities it has in reducing heart disease.


Its pulp is soft, and creamy and you can eat it raw. Its seeds are edible with texture, sweet and with a nutty flavor.

It provides great nutritional and medicinal benefits, such as potassium, antioxidants, flavonoids, phytonutrients and minerals. It also contains vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, niacin, folic acid and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and manganese. On the other hand, the high content of vitamin C helps to absorb iron more easily.

Breadfruit properties
Contains high amounts of fiber to alleviate cardiovascular problems and diabetes.
It is rich in energy sources.
Antioxidant It has small amounts of flavonoids, it has small amounts of antioxidant flavonoids, yellow-orange varieties have more of these compounds.
Contains Omega3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.
Contains vitamin C, provides 48% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C for
organism. Helps eliminate free radicals and infectious agents.
Rich in complex B. vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, niacin, folic acid.
It has moderate amounts of vitamins such as thiamine, niacin, pyridoxine.
It contains good sources of potassium, which help regulate blood pressure.
Contains calcium, iron, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, manganese and zinc among others.

1. Fight free radicals

Breadfruit is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which balance the source of fat in the body and prevent harmful free radicals. That is why they are essential for the mind and body to develop well. They also help strengthen bone health.

2. Good proportion of Energy

Carbohydrates are the main source of energy in the body. If you consume a cup of the breadfruit you are providing 60 grams of carbohydrates in your body. Breadfruit is very beneficial for athletes and if you go to the gym as well.

3. Prevents and controls Diabetes:

Breadfruit has the compounds necessary for the pancreas to produce insulin in the body. The fiber in breadfruit prevents glucose from being absorbed from the food you eat, that way you can control diabetes.

4. Facilitates digestion

The fiber contained in breadfruit fights toxins found in the intestine, helping the intestine to function well. Also, breadfruit prevents digestive system problems such as heartburn, ulcer, gastritis, heartburn, as it eliminates toxins that are deposited in the intestine. It also protects the mucous membrane of the colon from colon cancer-causing chemicals.

5. Control Infections in the Body

The antioxidant power that breadfruit possesses allows that by consuming it constantly, the body makes resistance to infectious agents, eliminating free radicals that prematurely age cells and develop other diseases associated with age.

6. Cardiovascular Health

Potassium sources in breadfruit help lower blood pressure and regulate heart rate. In the same way it helps reduce the effects of sodium. Its dietary fiber helps reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, as it prevents it from being absorbed in the intestine. It also reduces triglyceride levels. The reduction in cholesterol and triglyceride levels notably prevents the onset of heart attacks.

7. Oral health

If you have a toothache, eat the toasted breadfruit and your aches will ease.

To eliminate yeast problems, crush some breadfruit leaves and place it on your tongue. It is effective for your cure.

Benefits for the skin
8. Effective in collagen production

The juice of the breadfruit helps to firm the skin and rejuvenates its appearance due to its high content of vitamin C that activates the production of collagen as a protein that gives elasticity to the skin.

9. Stimulates the growth of new cells

Breadfruit contains antioxidants that prevent you from sun damage and promote the growth of new cells that will make your skin softer and smoother.

10. Prevents excessive skin inflammation

To prevent inflammation of the skin, fresh breadfruit will help, as it prevents the enzymes from becoming inflamed and prevents excess nitrogen oxides that cause it.

Other Benefits of Breadfruit
Nourishes hair
Hair acquires its benefits with breadfruit, as it contains nutrients that maintain its health, thanks to vitamin C, which facilitates the absorption of minerals and provides nutrition to the hair.

Reduces dandruff and hair damage
The Omega3 and Omeg6 fatty acids that breadfruit contains help regulate the production of oil on the scalp, reducing dandruff and itching. It also prevents hair loss.

It is amazing how nature contributes to health, offering minerals, vitamins and nutrients that the human body requires to live healthily.

Elena has started consuming breadfruit with the conviction that she will improve her health successfully, she already performs her daily functions and feels less tired and less worried.

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