Garcinia mangostana Exotic fruit tree 10”-18”


The mangosteen, a fruit also known as “the queen of fruits” comes from Indonesia. It is a fruit with a bittersweet taste (similar to a citrus), with a hard and round rind, which turns red when it reaches its point of maturity. In recent years, the demand for mangosteen has grown, both in Europe and America, since it is one of the most appreciated and sought-after exotic fruits thanks to its nutritional value. For this reason, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recommends its consumption.

The mangosteen comes from a tropical tree, called Garcinia Mangostana, which can reach a height of 25 meters, and is a fruit known especially in Asian countries. In oriental medicine it is a widely used fruit (for example, the peel is used to combat fever and muscle aches).

To choose this fruit we must look for specimens that are not bruised and that give way slightly when we press them. To open a mangosteen, you have to cut it in half with a knife, and the edible part is the white pulp. The most common is to consume them as a fresh fruit, but they can also be added to salads or prepare sorbets.


Properties and benefits of mangosteen

Combat free radicals and cellular aging.

Helps fight viruses and bacteria

In its composition, 84 types of xanthones (molecules that fight viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites) have been found. Mangosteen is considered to fight bacteria and fungi because it contains vitamin B12, which improves the nervous and liver systems.

Good for our muscles

It contains high levels of potassium, essential for the proper functioning of the nervous and muscular system.

Satiating effect

The pulp and rind of the mangosteen are rich in hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that inhibits the creation of fat, prevents excess cholesterol in the blood, and gives us a feeling of satiety.

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