Snake plant
Snake plant
Snake plant

Snake plant 1’-2’ beautiful house live plant


Sansevieria is one of the most popular indoor plants in the world, since having it inside any room will bring you benefits. Although indoor plants are believed to “steal” oxygen, Sansevieria, also known as tiger’s tongue, cow’s tongue, mother-in-law’s tongue, tiger’s tail, and St. George’s sword, serves to purify the air, as which converts carbon dioxide into oxygen while you sleep and helps you improve breathing problems, reduce stress, combat fatigue and fall asleep.



This wonderful plant is of Asian and African origin and belongs to the Liliaceae family such as aloe vera, lilies or lilies, etc. You can find it in two varieties: tall with sword-shaped leaves or low with rosette-shaped leaves. The leaves of either type are thick like aloe and have attractive veins.

The best-known species of Sansevieria is the trifasciata, which has long leaves with horizontal lines of lighter green color and edges of another range of green. On the other hand, there is the trifasciata laurentii that has deep golden margins and the trifasciata hahnii, which is compact and forms a rosette with oval leaves, arranged in a spiral shape.

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