Rambután (Nephelium lappaceum) exotic fruit live tree 12”-24” vibrant


It is one of the most exotic fruits in the world and comes from Indonesia.

Reveling in the Allure of Red Rambutan: A Tropical Delight Step in o a world where vibrant hues meet exquisite flavors, where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and the landscape is graced by a captivating tree that embodies the essence of the tropics. The Red Rambutan (*Nephelium lappaceum*), a true masterpiece of nature’s creativity, beckons you to indulge in the mesmerizing fusion of visual beauty and delectable taste.



A Symphony of Color and Flavor:
The Red Rambutan stands as a symphony of color and flavor, where nature’s artistry unfolds in every detail. Its branches bear clusters of fruits, each adorned with a spiky, crimson exterior that conceals a succulent and juicy treasure within. The flavor journey of red rambutan is a harmonious blend of sweetness and tanginess, a celebration of tropical abundance.

Elegance in Form and Hue:
The Red Rambutan Tree boasts an elegant form that graces the landscape with its presence. The glossy green leaves form a lush canopy that provides shade and beauty. Amidst the leaves, the vibrant red fruits emerge like jewels, adding a burst of color that captivates the eye and delights the soul.

Size and Growth:
As the Red Rambutan Tree matures, it can attain a height of about 30 to 60 feet (9 to 18 meters), creating a majestic presence in your garden. Its broad-spreading canopy offers respite from the sun and transforms your outdoor space into a tropical haven.

Planting and Care Directions:
Cultivating a Red Rambutan Tree is a journey that unfolds the magic of both aesthetics and taste. Here’s your guide to nurturing this tropical treasure:

1. Location Selection: Choose a sunny location in your garden where the Red Rambutan Tree can bask in ample sunlight. Tropical trees thrive in warmth and light.

2. Planting: Dig a hole slightly larger than the root ball of the tree. Gently position the tree in the hole and backfill with soil, ensuring the top of the root ball aligns with the ground level. Water thoroughly after planting.

3. Watering: Maintain consistent moisture during the tree’s establishment phase. As the tree matures, water deeply but less frequently to encourage robust root development.

4. Mulching: Apply organic mulch around the base of the tree to retain moisture, regulate soil temperature, and prevent weed growth.

5. Pruning: Prune the Red Rambutan Tree to shape its canopy, remove dead or overcrowded branches, and facilitate proper air circulation. Pruning enhances growth and fruit production.

6. Fertilization: Provide your tree with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer designed for fruit trees during the growing season. This nourishes the tree for healthy growth and abundant fruiting.

Harvesting the Tropical Treasures:
One of the most rewarding experiences with the Red Rambutan Tree is the harvest. As the fruits ripen, their red color deepens, and their spikes become more pronounced. Plucking a ripe red rambutan from the branches is a celebration of nature’s bounty and an invitation to savor its gifts.

Celebrating Beauty and Flavor:
The Red Rambutan Tree invites you to celebrate the seamless blend of aesthetics and taste that it brings to your garden. It serves as a reminder of the wonder and diversity of the natural world, offering a sensory journey that captures the essence of the tropics. With its enticing fruits, luxuriant foliage, and tropical allure, the tree transforms your outdoor space into a paradise of color and flavor.

Cultivating Tropical Dreams:
As you embark on the journey of planting and nurturing a Red Rambutan Tree, you’re embracing the chance to cultivate a haven of tropical enchantment and culinary pleasure. With care, patience, and a sense of wonder, you’ll witness the transformation of a young sapling into a majestic tree laden with vibrant treasures.

The Red Rambutan Tree beckons—an invitation to savor the beauty of the tropics, to relish the flavors of distant lands, and to create a garden where aesthetics and taste harmoniously converge. This is your opportunity to welcome the allure of this extraordinary tree into your garden, fostering an oasis of color and flavor. Let the journey begin.

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