Monstera deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa
Monstera deliciosa

MONSTERA DELICIOSA tropical ornamental plant 12”-24”


This beautiful plant is one of the most used in the world of decoration. Its leafy leaves add a huge style to the room in which they are entered. In addition to being a plant, it can also appear as part of paintings.
Adam’s rib is a very common plant that is characterized by large green leaves that are split as if they were ribs. Create flexible stems as it is actually a climbing plant that requires supports to stay upright.

To be able to hold on to the supports, it creates thick aerial roots that are introduced into the cracks in the walls, between the bark of trees or in the tutor that we put in it.

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It is a very easy plant to care for. Indoors it needs a bright place and outdoors it prefers to be in the shade, without direct sun.

If we grow it in a pot indoors, it will not give flowers, but if we have it in the garden, it will produce flowers after three years, between May and October. The flowers are large, spathe-shaped and cream-colored.

Temperature, irrigation and compost

It supports specific low temperatures, but never below 0º C, since the entire aerial part would be burned. It withstands temperatures around 5º and is grown especially on the Mediterranean coast, in porches and patios, areas sheltered from direct sun where it brings freshness thanks to its large leaves.

It is not a demanding plant in terms of watering. We will let the land dry between watering and watering, and in spring we will fertilize it once a month. Despite the size of its leaves, it does not demand to be sprayed, since it tolerates dry environments.

If Adam’s rib is growing happily, over time the lower part of the bush tends to become depopulated of leaves. To reactivate the appearance of new shoots, we will cut one of the shoots from the tip, including the root, and we will plant it at the base of the pot.

If you see that the leaves are full of dust, take it out to the balcony on a rainy day or put it in the shower and wet it well to remove the dust and restore the brightness and greenness of the plant.

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