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Guacamole is a traditional Mexican sauce made from avocados and other ingredients which in addition to being nutritious is delicious and internationally recognized for having a very smooth flavor and texture.
* Guacamole is a traditional Mexican sauce from the Aztec civilization. Its consumption dates from before the 15th century.
* Avocado helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides, increases good cholesterol in the blood (HDL) and is rich in vitamin E.
* By its nature, it does not contain cholesterol and is low in sodium and saturated fat, making it a highly recommended food by nutritionists in meal plans.

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The avocado is a fruit known in some regions as “tree butter” and in others it is called “avocado”. It has a dark green rind and a delicious flavor.
In the past, guacamole was prepared only with avocado, water, lemon, tomato, and chili. Later, onion, coriander and garlic were added to the recipe.

Avocado is a tropical fruit that helps lower cholesterol and triglycerides, and being an important source of monounsaturated fats helps increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the blood. It also provides potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus and fiber and stands out for its high amounts of vitamin C, E, K, B6 and folic acid.

Other ingredients in guacamole are green tomatoes, lemon, coriander, and onion, which are known to have health benefits and properties, including fighting inflammation, improving insulin sensitivity, and lowering cholesterol. in blood. They also work as natural antibiotics, promoting digestion and improving the immune system.

1. It has a lot of fiber: thanks to its relatively large amounts of fiber it can contribute to weight loss and reduce blood sugar spikes.
2. Helps to control cholesterol, as it regulates triglycerides and its Omega 3 content eliminates cholesterol that is harmful to our body.
3. For memory: avocado is an ally for memory thanks to its antioxidant properties and its richness in vegetable fat. Highly recommended for those memory disorders that make us forget important matters. It is even believed that the consumption of avocado reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.
4. To lose weight. It contains healthy fatty acids and eating it in a controlled way we accelerate our metabolism, we control the levels of fat in the blood and we also feel satisfied.
5. Benefits during pregnancy and during lactation: it is rich in folic acid, an essential substance in the development of pregnancy. Therefore, the consumption of avocado during pregnancy is ideal because it has the fatty acids that the fetus needs to develop its brain and vital organs. During lactation it is also very beneficial.
6. Benefits in the area of ​​oral health: contains various compounds that protect, find and destroy oral cancer cells or that may interfere with the proper functioning of the body.
7. It can benefit the eyes: avocado has properties that allow it to absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun, avoiding risks or damage to the retina, it also protects the eyes from degenerative diseases.
8. For the skin: Due to its set of vitamins it provides a shield against diseases and also allows the skin to revitalize and regain its flexibility. Avocado is used in body masks, creams, and moisturizers. For centuries it has been a natural product to heal scars, marks and other symptoms of exertion or dehydration.
9. Aphrodisiac: it is a powerful natural aphrodisiac. Its content in potassium, fiber and the richness of its seed make the blood rhythm appropriate and thus the erectile function follows the natural rhythm.
10. For the heart: thanks to its high folate content it helps general health but also contains vitamin E and healthy fats, ideal for a strong and healthy heart.


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